Various functions for supporting your sales

Sansan not only allows you to use business card information that is kept up to date and share it with your colleagues, it also includes various functions that can increase your sales.

Digitize business cards

Effortlessly create a complete database of your company’s contacts, customers, clients, partners etc.

Sansan’s core feature. Simply scan in business cards received by anyone at your company, to collate into a complete cloud-based directory, ready for you to access anytime, anywhere. Make the most of every connection, and every opportunity. The following languages can be transcribed: English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Indonesian.

Manage and share contacts

A permanent resource for your company, creating new opportunities for your staff.

Rather than being possessed by individual staff members, all contacts become the company’s resource, not to be lost when a staff member moves on. You can adjust the level of sharing within your company according to whether you want to keep individual contacts private to the original receiver, or want to have all contacts shared freely among staff.

Sansan Scanner Set

Add contacts quickly and easily.

The Sansan Scanner Set is a dedicated small scanner and tablet set, enabling you to scan up to 55 cards per minute. Just one scanner in your office enables all of your staff to bulk scan cards into the database, significantly improving productivity.

Smartphone app

Add to or access your database anytime, anywhere.

Mobile access to your full Sansan database with the Sansan app. Search for a contact, and call or email straight from the app. New contacts can also be added on the go by scanning their card with app. (iOS & Android)

Total organization

Add tags, notes, and meeting reports to contact’s information.

It’s possible to add a variety of records to each contact in your database. Besides the ability to add notes onto each contact, you can categorize contacts using tags, and you can add detailed reports to record each time somebody at your company meets or is otherwise in touch with that contact. These features are especially useful for sales teams.

Integrated emailing

Integrated email software/client.

Send bulk or individual emails, straight from Sansan, with extensive customization features. Bulk emails can be addressed to individual contacts personally, increasing read and response rates. HTML emails and attachments can be sent, and templates can be created.

Advanced Search

Quickly find who you want, when you want.

Don’t waste any time finding the people you want thanks to Sansan’s advanced search functionality. Search according to industry, department, position etc, and save your searches for immediate future access.

Salesforce integration

Sync all of your contacts with Salesforce.

Easily sync your Sansan database with Salesforce, eliminating any time wasted with manual input, and making the most of both services.

API integration

Synchronize Sansan with SFA, CRM

With APIs, Sansan can be synced with multiple 3rd party software tools, such as email services, address books, other CRM or SFA tools, etc.

Internal Messaging (β)

Staff can message each other within Sansan

Evolve your productivity and communication within your company. Staff can send instant messages to each other about specific contacts, be it regarding sales leads, meeting reports, or any other information.


Keep on top of your network.

Reminders can be added to contacts, keeping staff organized and making sure they never miss out on opportunities.

Downloadable Database

Download your full contact list as a backup, or to use elsewhere.

Download your complete database as a CSV file, to make contact lists elsewhere (useful for sending seasonal greeting cards etc.)