Business cards are the starting point of customer journey.

Business cards contain necessary information for business, and exchanging business card is not just exchanging a contact, but a proof you have actually met the person. By redefining the value of the business card, Sansan makes it more useful and effective for business.

How Sansan support your business

Increase opportunities for salesIncrease opportunities for salesIncrease opportunities for sales

Increase opportunities
for sales

With Sansan, you can manage all the business cards of your seniors, of your colleagues, and even of those who have left the company, which means all the connections your company has, all in one place. By sharing connections with those outside of your department, you will find new sales opportunities that you had been missing up until now.

Improve your team's

As this is a customer database created from business cards, it can be used for relationship management and for marketing. In addition, you can use the mobile app when out of office in order to search for business cards and to contact prospects and clients.

For the very reason, it consolidates all the information you have about your clients, and Sansan is an effective tool that improves your office productivity from all kinds of angles.
Improve your team's productivityImprove your team's productivity
Have an accurate customer database made for your company
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Have an accurate customer
database made for your

Just by scanning business cards, a customer database will be instantly made for you. You can connect this database with external services such as Salesforce to make it even more effective. Having an accurate database of customer information is a fundamental first step for managing relationships.

What makes Sansan better

1. Scan cards
1. Scan cards
Take a picture of the business card with the smartphone app, or scan your cards with our customized scanner, to process any number of business cards quickly and easily.
2. Stored with the highest level of accuracy
2. Stored with the highest level of accuracy
The data from you is then sent to our data center, where our operators manually transcribe the details contained with the highest level of accuracy.
3. Share and utilize
3. Share and utilize
Sansan will provide you with an accurate database for efficient contact sharing within your company. You can check information, even when away from the office, from any device you have.

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quoteThe information we have in Sansan is a treasure of our company. It is a resource we will use for our sales in the future. quote


Over 6,000 companies are already using Sansan!

Thousands of companies are already using Sansan to make their business more efficient.
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By using Sansan, we realized how important business card information is, and that using business card information effectively is not only good for ourselves, but for everyone in the company.
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Sansan provides a person-centered database, and thus it automatically lines up people and thus provides us with the most recent information. That was the accuracy and effectiveness our company was after. Only Sansan was able to provide this.
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Sansan has significantly improved our sales efficiency by providing us the capabilities to easily share contact information of important business contacts among team members.
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