Effortless organization. Seamlessly simple.Business card-based contact management

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Maximize your efficiency. Streamline your sales.

Sansan is a cloud-based contact management tool for corporations. Centered around business cards, Sansan enables you to effortlessly build a complete contact database, accessible anywhere.

Scan contacts’ business cards with the Sansan scanner set or with a phone. The cards are quickly and accurately digitized into contact data by our team, and uploaded to the cloud.
Contacts are automatically organized into your company’s database. Add tags, notes and meeting reports to optimize your database and keep track of opportunities.
This database becomes a permanent resource for your company, not to be lost when staff move on, and to be shared within your company as much or little as you like.

Thanks to Sansan, we discovered the true value of business cards.


Over 6,000 businesses are using Sansan.

  • toyota
  • sap
  • zendesk
  • seven&i holdings
  • merck
  • konica minolta
  • avent
  • japan post