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Sansan Product Updates: September 2020

You need more ways to work virtually, quickly, and flexibly. We’re here to provide them.

To show you how easy they are, we enlisted some of our elegantly masked Tokyo staff to model them.

We’ve added features that make it easier to share contacts in a flash, scan the front and back of cards in seconds, and add important attachments to your Sansan reports.

Let’s get to the details!

Featured Update: Share Contacts Immediately

You’re in a sales meeting and your potential customer needs a supplier. You know just the right person and you have them in your Sansan contacts.

Now you can use the Mobile App to pass along that contact right then and there.

You can do the same when you want to pass along a hot lead to a colleague.

Share contacts by message or link with colleagues and other Sansan users, or by text, image, or vCard if the other user isn’t on Sansan.

Great ways to use it

  • Quickly introduce a colleague to a VIP
  • Connect a new contact with someone you already know
  • After online events and meetups, be a matchmaker and introduce people virtually

If privacy’s a concern, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Your admin has full control over this feature, so you can choose whether or not to activate it. See the Admin guide here on how to set this function up.

Double-sided Scanning

Got a need for speed?

Yeah, we do, too. So we’ve made it faster to scan the front and back of your cards. Up to 4 at a time. Whether there’s a logo, a second language, or anything important on the reverse, just line ’em up and scan ’em in. Looks like this…

  1. Lay the cards on a flat surface, ideally a single-colored space such as an office table.
  2. Open the Sansan Mobile App and make sure all the cards are visible in the shooting window.
  3. Take a shot of the front side.
  4. Flip the cards and line them up with their front-side images, and take a shot of the back.
  5. Check and enjoy your new contacts!

Add and View Attachments to Reports

You’re checking out office space for your company after a meeting with the building owner. Of course, you’ve entered a Sansan report with all that details, but you want to add photos of the property asap.

Now you can.

Until now, it’s only been possible to add attachments to Reports within the Sansan Web App. Now you can add and view files attached to reports using the Mobile App. You can attach files and photos from your phone, too.

Files must be within 10 MB. Any format other than .exe (executable file) is OK. Docs, images, spreadsheets, all OK.

Great ways to use it

  • Attached proposals and contracts
  • Add photos of where you’ve been
  • Prepare for an upcoming meeting by looking back on past notes and images
  • Take a snapshot of whiteboard notes and upload them after a meeting

Do more on the go. Save time. And keep adding contacts to your ever-growing Sansan database.

We’ll have more for you next month. Stay cool and stay healthy.

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