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Sansan Product Updates: October 2020

New Sansan features this month let you share your Virtual Card in a flash.

Meanwhile, reports now let you share details of online meetings. Because these days, you’re probably in a lot of online meetings. This will help you maximize what goes on there.

And read on to see how the reports function can boost productivity and cooperation. Sansan reports are central in coordinating sales approaches and in facilitating work across teams. No matter the distance. You’ll get Sales and Marketing on the same page smoother than ever.

Featured Update: Virtual Card QR Codes for Instant Connections

Want to exchange your Virtual Card with someone as quickly as you swap a physical business card?

How about putting a link to it in your Zoom background?

Now you can – with QR functionality for Virtual Cards. Get your own code for quick sharing, whether or not the other person is a Sansan user.

Here’s how…

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap on your Virtual Card
  3. Tap Show QR Code
  4. Share away!

Great ways to use it

  • Save to your phone and share via chat or email
  • Customize your background for online meetings
  • Post to social media

You can easily access it from Contacts > Virtual Cards in the Mobile App.

Report on your Zoom (and Meet, Skype, etc.) Meetings

Online meetings may never fully replace in-person ones, but their profile is growing. Stay active in your meetings, take notes and screenshots, and then share the outcomes with your colleagues.

You can now add online meetings as reports in Sansan. And you can attach your notes, screenshots, and related documents.

Here’s how it works…

1. You’ve just finished an online meeting.

2. Tap on New Report.

3. Fill in the details of your online meeting and select Online as the type.

4. Attach your notes, screenshots, and related documents (one file can be up to 10 MB).

5. Save and you’re done! Your report will appear like this.

This is ideal for keeping track of all of these online meetings we’re having these days. And for letting others know about them.

Which leads us to…

How to Use Sansan Reports to Ramp Up Productivity and Cooperative Work

Using reports on a day-to-day basis can improve teamwork, facilitate information sharing, and help your team coordinate future deals.

1. Follow your colleagues

When you follow your colleagues on Sansan, you’ll receive any reports they’ve made. This way you can offer them tips, share your thoughts, and maybe even collaborate on a deal.

And a couple more ways to get the most out of reports…

Create templates for report notes – If you do a lot of the same types of meetings, this is a good way to save some time.

Set categories for reports – This way you can keep reports together in an organized and accessible way.

See you next month!

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