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Sansan Product Updates: November 2020

Online Meeting Problem: Knowing who’s who, who makes the decisions, how you’ll keep in touch afterward.

Solution: Sansan Virtual Cards. Swap data-rich online business cards just like real cards. No paper. 1,000s of client companies now use them.

But an issue we often hear regards when to do the actual exchange. Before or during the meeting? If you don’t get their card, all you’ve got is their name and maybe an email.

So this month we’ve integrated with Microsoft Teams as a step to solve this. Read on to find how. Along with multi-language functions and something for you, dear admin!

2-language card scans | MS Teams integration | Call directly within Sansan | See all your Virtual Card exchanges | Admins: Set up Virtual Cards

Featured Update: Dual-language scanning

Now, from the Sansan Scanner Set, you can select 2 languages for digitizing a single card. No need to scan it twice.

For Asian countries in particular, this is a highly requested function, as many businesspeople have one side in English and one in their native language.

*Note this applies for the Sansan Scanner Set and not the Mobile App.

How to use it

First, get some two-language cards and start up your Sansan scanner.

1. On the tablet screen, tap the pencil icon in the languages section.

2. Choose Set 2 languages and select the two you’ll be using.

3. Start scanning! Note that the two languages will scan into two separate contacts

Microsoft Teams integration

Virtual Cards are just like real business cards. And they work whether or not the other person is a Sansan (or Eight) user.

But you have to exchange them.

A member of our Sales team in Singapore estimated 80% of our customers aren’t doing it until after the meeting, and in many cases, the exchange never happens.

By integrating Virtual Cards and Sansan with MS Team, you can now send out cards to everyone before a meeting. So it’s actually even better than a real business card exchange.
It’s like… looking into the future! ? ?

1. View external meetings

When you install the Sansan plug-in in MS Teams, an External Meetings tab will be added in the left menu bar.
Clicking this will display all external meetings registered in Teams.

2. Select whom you want to exchange cards with

Click on an external meeting and you can see everyone who’ll be taking part. Select who you want to send your team’s Virtual Cards to.

From here, you can also find out… 

who you’re meeting for the first time

and who’s new in this meeting

Call your colleagues from within Sansan

This one’s subtle but powerful. And we’ve had a lot of requests for it.


Sansan colleagues in the same company had to use another app, like WhatsApp or FaceTime, to call each other.


Call them from within Sansan, for free.
We integrated the versatile Twilio platform so you can hop on a call right away, like when you’re looking at a Report.

View your Virtual Card exchange history

Now you can see all the Virtual Cards you’ve sent and received. The feature’s available in the Mobile App and the Web App. 

Keep in touch with them. These are the digitally transforming movers and shakers!

For Admins: Easily set up your employees’ Virtual Cards

Dear Sansan admins, you make this whole show run smoothly in your company. Thank you for your hard work. We wanted to add a feature for you.

When you click Auto set up, you can quickly set up Virtual Cards for everyone in a team or companywide.
This gets over the ?I don’t understand, will you do it for me? ?you may be quite used to. Instead, help your users to help themselves.

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See you next month!

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