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Sansan Product Updates: February 2021

Sansan’s made big progress in these times of transition. This reflects in a host of new services and ongoing system enhancements.

Sansan can be your Single Source of Truth when it comes to contact management. To smooth that along, we’ve made it easy to add contacts from your phone.

We also have a host of other small but helpful improvements this month, including one to improve your US business.

Import phone contacts | View external member department & position in reports | Share contact info w/fixed link | Easy colleague searches on Mobile App | Proper separation of US addresses

Featured Update: Import contacts from your phone into the Sansan Mobile App

It’s good to get all your contacts centralized in Sansan for many reasons – organization, finding links among people, tracking deals, syncing with Salesforce, etc. Do you have contacts on your mobile that aren’t in Sansan? If you do, you’re definitely not alone.

These contacts are usually stored in the vCard format (not to be confused with Sansan Virtual Cards).

Now you can easily import these vCards with a simple tap, getting all your business contacts into the cloud, safe and secure, and fully utilized.

How to use it

1. Tap on the contact you want to share, and tap Share Contact

2. Tap on Sansan.

3. The app will open up with the contact info filled in. Once you’ve checked it, tap Save

You can even add your Google or Outlook contacts to your device from Settings (iOS).

How to do it

1. Open Settings then Contacts

2. Tap on Accounts

3. Toggle the switch for Contacts.

4. Now open your contacts app, and you’ll be able to see they’ve been added!

Centralization is power and time is money. Save time and centralize your contacts in Sansan.

Easy viewing of external members’ department and position in reports

Until now, you had to open report details to check specific details on external members.

Where to find it

  • Company details → Reports
  • Person details → Reports
  • When you search for Reports

Especially when you want to see who’s connected with whom, this is a time-saver.

Share contact info with a fixed link

Until now, you could only share contacts or companies by manually clicking on the share button.

Now you just have to copy the contact or company URL in the browser, because it will always be the same.

Sharing contacts is a principle at the heart of the Sansan contact ecosystem. Contact centralization is great, but when you can work cooperatively through sharing hot leads and creating warm introductions, now you’re massively ramping up your ROI!

*For more on this download, “Internal Referrals: How to find your next deal without leaving your desk“, our free white paper on the topic.

Great ways to use it 

  • Share a company you’re wanting to approach with your team 
  • Ask a colleague to introduce you to a VIP

Quick searching for colleagues on the Mobile App

Until now, it was only possible to search colleagues by name or department. Now you can search by position and phone #, too.

You’ll find this especially handy when you’ve missed a call from someone and all you see is a number on your phone. Or if you want to find someone is a specific area in your organization.

US addresses now properly divided

Finally, a small one, but an important one if you’re in the US or do business with people from the US. Previously, all US address information would be put in one line. Now it’s properly divided by parts of the address: city/town, state, and zip.

This applies to both new and existing contacts.

We hope this makes your US-related transactions a bit smoother.

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See you next month!

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