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Sansan Product Updates: October 2021

We’re building bridges between classic and new. This theme emerges over and again, and our updates show how we keep making ways to connect the old and new for you to work in our evolving work world.

Hope you’re staying safe and productive, wherever you are. We’ll keep you connected. Here are this month’s updates.

Create reports from Google Calendar | Virtual Card enhancements | Easy QR code scanning

Featured Update: Create reports from events in Google Calendar (Mobile App)

If you spend a lot of time in Google Calendar and less time within the Sansan Mobile App, you can now easily bring the two together.

The real benefit is that you’ll get your teams and your organization using the powerful reports function in Sansan (read more about it in Sansan Academy).

With this integration, once you’ve created a meeting in Google Calendar, a report in Sansan will be created for you.

And they’ll be automatically saved. This takes care of the under-reporting issues and redundant communications with leads, prospects, and customers. You’ll have detailed reports of each meeting.

How to use it

1. Open the app and tap on the Reports tab and tap on New report. Then link your Google account by signing in (first time only).

2. Your meetings in Google Calendar will be displayed.

Tap a meeting you want to create a report on, and the details will be auto-filled in for you.

Virtual Cards enhancements

We’ve added a convenient option for non-Sansan users to send back their contact info when you send them your Virtual Card. 

They can now simply use a contact form. Take a walk-through in this video:

Once a non-Sansan user has sent back their info, they can download your details by card image, vCard, or CSV.

See Sansan Academy to see more benefits of incorporating Virtual Cards into how you’ll work in 2021 and beyond.

Easier to scan QR codes using the app

Until now, you could only use your camera’s QR code scanning function to scan someone’s Virtual Card QR. This would then launch a browser.

Now you can scan a Virtual Card QR code right from the app, and your new contact will be immediately added to your account.

Quicker. Easier.

*Please note that you can only scan Sansan Virtual Cards with this feature, not other QR codes.

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