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Sansan Product Updates: November 2021

This month’s updates add two key functions to help you navigate and keep in touch with your contacts. With the holiday season here, you’ll find the first one especially valuable.

HTML templates for bulk mails | Call them back with incoming call history | Integration guides (Sansan Academy)

Featured Update: HTML templates for bulk emailing

We’ve moved into the holiday season and we have much to celebrate. In sales and marketing, it’s your chance to (1) reconnect w/active and lapsed contacts, and (2) send them seasonal campaigns and offers. Win them over or win them back with a stylish email.

We suggest – Use Sansan bulk email HTML templates. Why?

  • Highly accurate contact data (fewer bounces!)
  • Ability to personalize your message, and…
  • Full HTML formatting (colors, text, etc.)

How to use bulk email in Sansan (video)

How to use HTML templates

1. In Sansan, go to Bulk Email and choose Compose/Edit.

2. Choose the delivery method.

3. Choose HTML and style your text.

Incoming call history

Every call matters, but some more than others. It’s those important ones that you need to get on right away. Now there’s an easier way.

Seeing Sansan data for incoming calls on mobile is one of our most popular features. But until now this call history was not stored anywhere.

Now the Mobile App for Android has a call history page. It shows  all incoming calls from Sansan contacts, and whether they were answered.

iPhone users can see the same info from their device call history.

So you can get right back to them and close the deal!

Sansan Academy: Integrations Guides Added

We’ve added guides on using integrations for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365/Outlook with Sansan. Enrich your data and connect your contacts enterprise-wide. View them here.

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See you next month!

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