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Sansan Product Updates: May 2021

Salesforce is a major investment for any company. But without contact data, it’s an empty shell and it’s not being maximized.

The Sansan–Salesforce integration really supercharges the “C” in CRM. Now it’s fully available in English. Highly recommended for fueling your company’s data.

Learn about this, how we’ve refined the Mobile App, Virtual Card updates, and the new Sansan Academy.

Salesforce integration | Sansan Mobile App facelift | Virtual Cards updates | Sansan Academy is open 24/7 for you

Featured Update: Integrate rich Sansan contact data with your Salesforce CRM data

We’ve has a sturdy Salesforce integration for quite some time now. But it required some adjustments for language

We now offer full English availability and support for the Sansan–Salesforce integration.

If you weren’t aware of this option, you can now massively benefit from tying your rich Sansan data with your SFDC data. You’ll fill in missing fields, keep Leads and Accounts updates, and give your ROI a big boost.

How it works

Data you scan from business cards can be merged with data in your Salesforce organization.

What are the benefits? 

  • Enrich your Lead/Contact data in SFDC
  • Get continual first-party data
  • Eliminate manual data entry of accounts
  • Keep Lead, Contact, and account data updated

Contact our customer success manager Michelle ( to learn more about this function. You can also learn more about the integration here.

Mobile App makeover

You’ll find the Sansan Mobile App looks pretty sharp these days. We gave it facelift.

Quickly search for a contact or colleague

Enter their name, company, phone, or email. Save time, get more things done.

Faster access and sending of your Virtual Card

It’s now on your home screen.

Tap to access your card.

More Virtual Cards updates

Send back your card from your exchange history

This saves you a bit of time. Bits of time add up to chunks of time. And you’ll add more contacts.

How to use it

  1. Open the Mobile App.
  2. Tap on your Virtual Card.
  3. Tap on History.

Non-Sansan users can send card front and back

Now you can get their full details.

How they’ll use this feature

  1. Access your Virtual Card link or scan your QR code.
  2. Scan the QR code for sending back their card.
  3. Scan both sides of their card and send these to you.

Sansan Academy for Sansan users and admins

The new Sansan Academy online training center is full of guides and videos to help you really get the best out of Sansan. With the new Sansan Academy you get startup guides as well as best practices and usage tips.

Whether you’re a user or an admin, you’ll find something to help you out. And it’s all very accessible. In a few easy steps, you can dramatically up your productivity and performance. Then share your wisdom with you team.

Be your company’s Sansan master.

Go to Sansan Academy here.

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See you next month!

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