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Sansan Product Updates: June 2021

You already know you can use Sansan to scan business cards, whether paper or Virtual Cards. And you know that you can then really put these leads to work. But what about all those email contacts?

Sometimes, all you get is an email exchange. And few people want to manually type on email address to make records. Now you’ll never lose another contact in your overflowing inbox. Introducing Contact Inbox.

We also have new Virtual Cards updates, another useful feature, and we continue to enhance Sansan Academy so you can learn the ins and outs of this powerful tool, and pass on your knowledge in your organization.

Import contacts from Gmail | Virtual Cards updates | Comment on reports from the Mobile App | Sansan Academy free training

Featured Update: Contact Inbox – Import contacts from Gmail into Sansan

Has your Gmail Inbox become a place where good contacts go to die, buried amid 13,458 other mails? ?

Well, cry for them more. In one of our most powerful add-ons to date, your Sansan will now integrate with Gmail inbox.

Contact Inbox is the new feature that lets you quickly import contacts directly from Gmail into Sansan. 

They don’t even need to be in your contact lists – they just have to be have sent you an email, and they’ll appear in Sansan. 

These are all leads, but until now you couldn’t fully account for and utilize all these connections. 

You can now add another way to capture contacts, and keep making Sansan your single source of truth for customer data.

This is a pay-to-use option, so please ask your sales representative or contact our CS team at

See this guidebook for more. 

Virtual Cards updates

Easily access your Virtual Card from the Web App

Now you can access it right from the menu bar. Share away!

How to use it

  1. Click on the card icon.
  2. Copy URL or download QR code/virtual background.

Filter contacts you’ve met online, using advanced search

Can’t remember a contact’s or company’s name? But you remember that you met them online?  

This new feature will help you out.

How to use it

  1. From the home screen, click on Advanced
  2. Click on Add under Other.
  3. Select Virtual Card, then Only from Virtual Card.

Comment on colleagues’ reports in the Mobile App

Until now this was only possible from the Web App, but now you can easily give feedback to your colleagues’ reports, even when you’re on the go. 

You can ask for your colleague’s extra help by mentioning them in your comment too. Speed things up!

We’re refining Sansan Academy so you can have a wide range of Sansan training materials at your fingertips. Maximize your ROI from Sansan. Get some tips and pass them on in your company. Become a lead and deal leader.

Go to Sansan Academy here.

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