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Sansan Product Updates: July 2021

Sansan customer companies using Virtual Cards now number in the thousands. Clearly, this solution offers huge value as we move in and out of virtual and hybrid worlds.

These are unstable times. Virtual Cards offer a stable solution to rich contact exchange, whether in Zoom or face-to-face. So we keep making them better for you.

But there’s soooo much more to Sansan than contact info exchange. Check other improvements to make Sansan a powerful and centralized colleague in your company.

Virtual Cards updates | Let users opt out of bulk emails | Flag retired/resigned staff in bulk | Using reports in the Mobile App

Featured Update: Virtual Cards keep getting better

You may be using Virtual Cards already, or wondering how to integrate them into your workflow. We’ve got plenty in Sansan Academy on the topic. Also, read this article on digital business cards to get the bigger picture.

Now… to the updates!

Upload custom virtual backgrounds

You’re no longer limited to the backgrounds we provide. You can full customize and brand your own.

Your admin will then need to upload and manage it.

Add images and text as you wish. Promote your key product, add a staff photo, it’s all up to you.

Virtual backgrounds sized for MS Teams and Google Meet

No need to worry about the edges being clipped with this new design. Zoom-sized is also available.

Easily share colleagues’ Virtual Cards (such as before a meeting)

Whether you’re meeting with prospects or with colleagues on the other side of the world, share Virtual Cards before your meeting. That way, you’ll hit the ground running since you already know who’s who.

That’s just one way to use Virtual Cards to connect better. You can now find out and share your colleagues’ URLs.

How to do it (Web App)

  1. Click on Colleagues in the menu bar in the Sansan Web App.
  2. Search for your colleague and copy their Virtual Card URL from here.

How to do it (Mobile App)

  1. In the Sansan Mobile App, tap on Colleagues.
  2. Search for them and tap on their name
  3. Scroll down and copy their Virtual Card link.

Let users opt out of bulk emails

Do you use the bulk email feature in Sansan? It lets you customize your mailing lists in a number of useful ways. Read more in Sansan Academy here.

Of course, there are always people who don’t want to receive mails. Now it’s easy to let them opt out.

How to set it up

1. Once you’ve created your email, click on Add fields, then the Unsubscribe link.

2. Click here to see a preview of your unsubscribe link page.

Your company logo will also be added if you’ve set one in advance. If you haven’t, you can set it from here.

Flag retired/resigned staff in bulk

People move on. That’s business. And it leaves a lot of administrative cleanup. In Sansan, you can now flag them as retired, in one batch, in just a couple of clicks.

How to do it

1. Select who you want to set as resigned.

2. Click on this icon, then select Set as resigned..

That’s it. They’re now no longer active in your organization. ?

Reports now easier to use in the Mobile App

Now all participants will be displayed, not just one representative. Like this…

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See you next month!

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