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Sansan Product Updates: December 2021

This challenging year forced many of us to adopt new and innovative ways. That’s what we’ve done with Sansan and we love seeing the ways it’s transformed how you’re doing business.

We’re shaping ourselves up for a mobile, hybrid, and digitally transformed future together. This month, we look back on 2021 and present the Top 5 Updates from 2021.

  1. Virtual Cards
  2. Contact Inbox
  3. MS integration
  4. HTML editor
  5. Sansan Academy

Sansan’s Top 5 Updates from 2021

Among the many updates, enhancements, and improvements, these three have been especially popular.

#1 Virtual Cards

Tradition and quality contact data, no matter the distance

Virtual Cards let you swap business cards via QR code or URL. You can share them in meetings, during online chats, and even in person. Contactless and cool – Virtual Cards are an ideal companion for our offline again online again world.

#2 Contact Inbox

Intelligent contact import and recommendations

The Contact Inbox feature is one of our most powerful additions ever. It lets you quickly import contacts directly from Gmail into Sansan. Sansan intelligently extracts the contact info from, for instance, email signatures, to turn these routine contacts into leads.

Please note this is a paid option, so ask your sales representative or contact our CS team at

Check this guidebook for more details. 

#3 Microsoft Outlook and Teams integration

Linking Sansan with a business powerhouse

Sansan has a huge array of integrations, and this addition was one that’s especially empowering for Sansan users. Watch this short tutorial to see how to use it. This is for admins. For end users, here are two more tutorials in Sansan Academy.

#4 HTML editor

Customized, personalized messages for all your mailings

Text alone gets the message across, but when you want to do a special greeting or an attractive bulk mail (much like our own Product Update emails), you need HTML. Right at the tail end of last year, we added HTML functionality.

Read about it here. And this year, 2021, we upped it a notch by enabling custom HTML template for your bulk mails. This way, you can highly personalize your greetings, promos, and other mails targeting a specific subset.

Check our featured update last month to see how to use it.

And visit Sansan Academy for more on using email templates.

#5 Sansan Academy

Quick and easy learning to boost your Sansan expertise

Sansan has so many features that it’s sometimes a bit hard to keep track. Like many top SaaS solutions, users often end up using just a small percentage of what’s actually on offer. We made Sansan Academy so you, where you’re an admin or daily user of Sansan, can learn the ins and outs of this mighty tool.

We packed Sansan Academy with guides to download and short videos to walk you through Sansan, step by step. You’ll also learn best practices, so it’s not just a matter of what you can do but how you do it and how that changes how you do business.

Go to Sansan Academy during your coffee break or between meetings and boost your knowledge.

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See you next month!

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