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Sansan Product Updates: April 2021

As Virtual Cards go into wider use, we’ve added a Google Calendar (and thereby Gmail and Workspace) function. This lets you get ahead on meetings by seeing sharing cards and seeing who’s attending. We’ve also made it easier to scan in multiple languages. Let’s get to it!

Google Calendar integration | 2-language scanning | Virtual Cards updates | Download bulk email results | New white papers from Sansan | Master Sansan at the new Sansan Academy

Featured Update: Google Calendar integration

We’ve got a bunch of new things you can do in Google Calendar. Let’s dive in.

Add Virtual Cards to event descriptions

After setting a meeting in the calendar, add colleagues’ Virtual Card URLs in the description. It takes just 1 click.

Share Virtual Cards by email

Create an email that lists internal members’ Virtual Card URLs, then send it to attendees before your meeting.

Check who you’re joining a meeting with beforehand

Review their details. Even if it’s the first time you’re in a meeting with a colleague, you’ll instantly see their department and position.

Easy Setup

  1. Search for Sansan on Google Workspace Marketplace.
  2. Access the Sansan Web App.
  3. Copy the Virtual Card key.
  4. In Google Calendar paste it in the Virtual Card key field and click Connect.
  5. You’re all set up now. Create an event and attach your Virtual Cards to the description or send them by email.

Dual-language scanning

In many countries, it’s not uncommon to have a two-sided business card, with English on one side and the local language on the other.

Until now, if you had a card with different languages on each side, you had to scan the separate languages separately. Now you can simply choose the two languages on the card and scan.

How to use it

  1. In the Mobile App, from the globe icon in the top right, select up to 2 languages.
  2. Scan.
  3. Upload.

If you have language pairs you regularly scan in, such as English + Japanese or English + Chinese, you can set its default input languages from Settings > Input language.

If you have multiple cards all with different languages, after you’ve scanned them in, set languages for each card.

Note that 2 languages will be digitized into 2 contacts.

We hope this makes your international deal-making a little bit smoother.

More Virtual Cards updates

Get more engagement from non-Sansan users

Non-Sansan users can instantly get you their info even if they don’t have a card.

Steps for a non-Sansan user

  1. They’ll access your Virtual Card link or scan your QR code. 
  2. They’ll choose Send to your email.

3. They’ll fill in their email, name, and company.

4. From this QR code, they can send back their card.

They can also send back their card from the email they received.

Non-Sansan users can reuse their card to send to Sansan users

This means you’ll get more card exchanges for your team. 

Steps for the non-Sansan user

1. They’ll send back their card for the first time to a Sansan user. 
2. When another Sansan user sends a Virtual Card to them, they can reuse the card they scanned before.

Easier for them. Better for your team.

Download bulk email results

Not only can you download recipients’ names and emails, but also download their company, department, and position in a CSV file. Leverage this for your marketing. 

You can also view their person ID in Sansan, so if their address bounced, you can check if their info in Sansan is up-to-date.

How to use it 

  1. Open Outbox and click on the campaign you want results for. 
  2. Click on Download.
  3. Open the CSV file you downloaded.

New white papers

We’ve published two new white papers based on the Sansan approach:

  • People-centered Digital Transformation – Your Easy Entry Point
  • Virtual Card Exchange: Business Cards in 2021

Download these for free from the Market Insights section.

New Sansan Academy for Sansan users and admins

The new Sansan Academy online training center is full of guides and videos to help you really get the best out of Sansan. With the new Sansan Academy you get startup guides as well as best practices and usage tips.

Whether you’re a user or an admin, you’ll find something to help you out. And it’s all very accessible. In a few easy steps, you can dramatically up your productivity and performance. Then share your wisdom with you team.

Be your company’s Sansan master.

Go to Sansan Academy here.

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See you next month!

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