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Sansan + Microsoft 365 and Outlook Integration

Sansan integrates with Microsoft 365 and Outlook

We recently added a long-requested function for Sansan users to be able to sync their Sansan contacts with their Microsoft 365 (MS365), and importantly their MS Outlook, accounts. Please note the feature is may not yet be available for some users.

As a user, you’ll now benefit from being able to essentially scan new business card contacts directly to Outlook. Your admin sets up the integration (see image below). Then Scan → Sync → Rinse and repeat!

Sansan data is based on business cards, which means it’s plentiful and accurate. The Sansan system fully transcribed all contents of a business card, which gives rich, up-to-date, and very thorough data including name, address, job title, email, etc.

Accurate contact info will automatically be synced to Outlook just by scanning cards to Sansan, allowing MS365 and thereby Outlook users full access to their range of Sansan contacts.

This means greater productivity, convenience, and ability to jump on a deal right away.

A few notes on this integration

  • To connect to Outlook, the user must be using a Microsoft 365 plan that includes Exchange Online. 
  • The administrator enables Outlook integration by filling in the Tenant ID for MS365.
  • When the user connects to Outlook, all of their Sansan contacts will be synced to a special folder in Outlook. 
  • Amending, editing, or deleting a contact in Sansan will also be reflected in Outlook.
  • Sansan communicates with Outlook periodically to sync the contacts.

Let’s get syncing

If you’re on Sansan now, you can start using the feature. If you want to know more, get in touch with us!

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