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CNA938 Welcomes Sansan Global to Discuss Future Work Styles

The popular Singapore-based Channel News Asia CNA938 Tech Talks radio segment invited Edward Senju, Regional CEO of Sansan Global back in the studio, virtually. The talk was on how Sansan is innovating and pivoting amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

Edward continued the conversation from his last appearance in February. This time, he discussed how local business trends have evolved and adjusted in the last few months. He also discussed why companies should consolidate their business network in the cloud. This is especially important as employees are more often working remotely and out of their homes.

Among other key topics discussed were changes in business etiquette in Asia, specifically in Singapore, and why virtual/online business card exchanges are expected to become a standard for online business meetings.

Besides highlighting the importance of continuous innovation, especially in the tech industry, Edward shared details of the current challenges of Sansan’s customers, and the motivation and drivers behind Sansan’s exciting new developments. One of these is the company’s newly launched Virtual Cards feature.

Also discussed were Sansan’s future plans to help companies in the region work better and do business more effectively in the new digital economy.

Listen to the full interview here (on Facebook).

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