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News from Japan: October 2020

JETRO uses Sansan at its global bases

Event tech is booming! That may seem rather odd seeing that it’s still nearly impossible to do all but the most essential travel.



But two things to keep in mind:

  1. Virtual events (and online meeting of all types) have made huge strides just in this past locked down half-year.
  2. There’s huge momentum behind the future hybrid model of events, incorporating online and offline for an even richer experience.

Sansan’s always a step ahead when it comes to business encounters. And events are no exception. This month’s update includes Sansan’s bold new technology and plans for AI-informed, virtually awesome events. We’ve also inked an important partnership with trade organization JETRO.

Let’s get into these hot topics, and more.

JETRO Deploys Sansan to Facilitate Trade from its Global Bases

JETRO promotes trade between Japan and the world, operating offices around the world. JETRO will now introduce Sansan at six of its major locations: New York, San Francisco, London, Singapore, Bangalore, and at its Japanese subsidiary.

With its strong ambitions of digitization, JETRO’s new overseas expansion support policy will greatly benefit from Sansan’s ability to both digitize contact data and visualize its connections worldwide.

Even amid pandemic-related business contraction, by using Sansan, JETRO will support overseas expansion of Japanese companies as well as foreign companies’ investment in Japan.

Sansan will be used to centralize and share connections at each base and to improve productivity. Virtual Cards will also be especially attractive for continuing to do business with typical Japanese business protocol.

Sansan Leading the Future of Event Tech – Announces New Seminar Manager

Business events such as trade shows are changing, and Sansan’s at the forefront.

In a web broadcast on October 8, Sansan CEO Chika Terada formally announced Sansan Seminar Manager and our integrated suite of event management tools. These include the intelligent AI Form for registration and the business card-based Smart Entry system for automated event check-in.

Read the official press release here.

Sansan Innovation Summit – 1,000-strong Online Participants

Sansan is hosting the Sansan Innovation Summit, an online user conference for 1,000 people. Thirteen Sansan users active in a range of industries will log in and come together to share their expertise on business and on life. We call these special users Voyagers, as they travel so far in life. Inspiration awaits.

Registration is made using Sansan Virtual Cards, offering a whole new digital way to run online events.

See the event page here (in Japanese).

Sansan Regional CEO Quoted in Business Times

As Prime Minister Suga takes the reins from PM Abe in Japan, The Business Times in Singapore sought expert opinions from Japanese business leaders.

Sansan Regional CEO Edward Senju, based in Singapore, offered his views on the importance of digital transformation in Japanese business culture. Digitized contracts and business cards are among two ways Sansan is leading this evolution.

The full article (in English) is here.

Sansan Research Finds Big Uptick in Online Business Negotiations amid the Pandemic, but Great Anxiety as Well

Sansan commissioned a survey of Japanese businesspeople about COVID-19’s impact on their business negotiations.

We found such negotiations increased about 250% when comparing before and after Japan’s declaration of a national state of emergency. Yet also as a result of this online shift, 76.7% of the survey respondents reported anxiousness about business opportunity loss. The study also found that 26.6% had become unable to accumulate, manage, and use customer data because of the online shift.

See the full writeup here (in Japanese).

Risk Intelligence (Antisocial Forces) Check in Japan

Sansan investigated the current status of antisocial force checks in Japan; or what we also call “risk intelligence.”

Our research found that, as a result of a risk intelligence check, 40% of sales personnel had the experience of canceling a transaction immediately before concluding a contract.

The most common way of checking about a company was simply an online keyword search, while 19% of companies had introduced services dedicated to risk intelligence checks. This movement is advancing in Japan, and Sansan research shed more light on the situation.

Read about the research here (in Japanese).

See you next month with more updates on Sansan’s ongoing influence in Japan, and further out to the world.

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