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News from Japan – Evolution & Human Relations (Mar–Apr 2021)

Mid-March and the cherry blossoms are already blooming in Tokyo. The news says it’s tied for the earliest sakura appearance on record. It seems like everything’s getting faster these days.

We’re interested in the business side of speed, and that comes with evolution and transformation. Sansan Evolution Week was a 5-day event on the topic of digital transformation (DX), and we pulled off entirely online.

Meanwhile, Sansan’s helping business avert undesirable business relations, and looking at the social science behind all the data processed via the Sansan system. Read on for details.

Sansan Evolution Week 2021 Spring (March 8-12)

Sansan held a 5-day online event titled, “Sansan Evolution Week 2021 Spring” online. With the theme, “The Dawn of DX,” it attracted 18,000 registrants. They were able to take in 48 sessions on a huge range of ideas and technology.

We also encouraged the participants to interact using a system that allowed them to exchange business cards online. As with our Virtual Cards.

Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang and Alex Moazed, founder and CEO of Applico, highlighted sessions on digital transformation in Japan and the world.

Details are here (in Japanese).

Keidanren Members Roll Out Sansan’s Risk Intelligence Feature

The Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) has introduced Sansan’s optional Risk Intelligence powered by the UK company Refinitiv.

Through this service, simply by scanning a business card, the user can find out risks concerning the other party’s company. This is an especially key issue in Japan, in the fight against so-called antisocial forces. Risk Intelligence alerts Sansan users of potential issues, which can inform their decisions about doing business.

This, in turn, helps Keidanren and its members in efforts within the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to avert illegal business activities.

Our press release (in Japanese) is here.

Sansan DSOC Pursues Social Sciences + Data

DSOC (Data Strategy & Operation Center) is the Sansan’ data control division and think tank. But it’s not all about number crunching, writing intricate code, and hefty data analysis. DSOC seeks the human connections behind the data.

Within DSOC, the SocSci team, made up of members specializing in various fields within the social sciences, is becoming increasingly active in its pursuits.

The team has a mission of applying social theory to expand the value of real and virtual business card exchange. The results serve business, society, and academia.

The SocSci team is also actively working on EBPM (Evidence-based Policy Making) to inform national policy and support government.

Learn about DSOC and the SocSci team members here (in English).

Time for some April showers. Although here, they’re more like June showers, after the flowers. Either way, let it rain.

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