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News from Japan – Sansan’s TSE Promotion, A WFH Day in Tokyo (January 2021)

We start with big news on the domestic front. Sansan has moved to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Read below for more on this.

But news isn’t all good regarding things in general. In January, major urban areas in Japan re-entered a state of emergency as infection numbers climb. This has meant most of Sansan’s staff is working remotely, in line with the government’s requests.

This month, we have details on that stock market move, our Annual Report is out, we’re working on using data for policy-making, and we look into Tokyo WFH (work-from-home) life with Ryosuke, our PR dynamo and proud papa.

Sansan Promoted to TSE First Section as of Jan. 21

Where many companies have failed to shift amid the pandemic, Sansan has expanded its digital offerings and continues to advance DX with features such as electronic documentation and remote work-compatible Virtual Cards.

The market’s taken notice and investors are taking notice. As of January 21, Sansan was moved from the Mothers Section to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. This puts it among the elite 2,000 some-odd companies in Japan in this top rung.

No longer a mere contact management system, Sansan, Inc.‘s full offerings include the Eight B2C app for individuals, and a suite of tool for going paperless and driving DX in companies and organizations. This includes the new Bill One service for digitizing and receiving invoices.

Sansan aims to be a critical part of essential business infrastructure. We’ll keep striving toward this, with greater expectations than ever. For the user, this means continually expanding and improving services and options.

Announcement here (in English).

Sansan Annual Report Shows Bold Ambitions for a DX Future (d/l it in English)

Sansan’s released its Annual Report and Fact Book. As investor interest grows, this is a fully English offering and very nice presented. The C-Suite look GQ-worthy. But it’s not all looks; there’s a ton of substance:

  • Learn about how we value the Power of Encounters
  • See our sustainability efforts
  • The Business Model shows how Sansan is ambitiously expanding its suite of services and integrations
  • See Sansan’s tech, learn about its culture, and more

Download free copies of the Annual Report 2020 and Fact Sheet here (in English). No signup, no info needed. Totally public, of course.

PR Man Ryosuke’s #WFH Life

With COVID-19 infection numbers reaching new heights, it became clear that Japan was again heading toward a state of emergency, like last spring.

This means remote work whenever possible.

At Sansan, it’s been a natural progression. We’re already cloud-based and leading the charge. But it still means setting up workspaces in small Japanese apartments and houses.

We thought we’d show you what it’s like.

Who better to model Japanese WFH life than our tireless PR man Ryosuke? You saw him in last month’s News from Japan.

Ryosuke does about 3,500 tasks. We’re pretty sure he’s figured out how to work in his sleep.

Ryosuke says he gets up at 6 every morning (we suspect it’s earlier). His daybreak fuel of choice is a home-brewed latte.

He probably bangs out a dozen tasks first thing. But he says his main first task is getting his 3-year-old son off to kindergarten.

Ryosuke lives in an older, mainly residential part of Tokyo.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, streetcars/trams criss-crossed Japan’s cities. Most are now gone, but Ryosuke’s neighborhood is one of the few remaining areas with a tram still running through it.

Kids love it. So do most of the grown-ups.

Then it’s quickly off to work. Or in this case, back home to work. Ryosuke’s family apartment has enough room for a cozy telework setup.

When in the Sansan office in bustling Omotesando, or even when he’s on the road, Ryosuke’s day is packed with meetings. He hustles from floor to floor, room to room, office to office. Somehow always with a smile.

In #wfh mode, however, meetings look like this.

If you want a Virtual Card background like they’ve got, check our product update to see how to do it.

When the workday is officially done, or perhaps during a break, Ryosuke’s son is back home and they get to enjoy dinner together.

Bath time follows, of course. And Ryosuke is likely back in his remote office, doing another dozen or two tasks.

So while remote work is still an adjustment for most of us, all over the world, there are perks. In Ryosuke’s case, he’s probably not working any less, though he’s definitely not running around as much.

And the time with his family…priceless!

Sansan DSOC Supports Evidence-based Policy Making for Government

Sansan’s data management division, DSOC, has announced its “Business-related Population” efforts, which calculate regional business-related population using DSOC’s data-leveraging skills and minds.

DSOC will actively provide the results of this research to local governments and support evidence-based policy making (EBPM) of local governments. To assist with this, DSOC has set up a dedicated internal EBPM support section.

Details are in Japanese here.

And see DSOC’s data-driven work here, on its Webby Award-winning website (in English).

That’s the weather report for January from Japan. Gray clouds with silver linings.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Watch the trains go by.

And keep rising.

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