6 out of 10 people are positive on contacts sharing of his/herself.

April 17, 2014



How do you feel about sharing contacts with your team members/colleagues?



According to our survey about 60% of them are positive on contacts sharing of his/heself with their team members/colleagues. (Sample number: 1,000, in the U.S.)


Here are the summary of the reasons on replies.



– Positive Reasons

  • Business could be more efficient
  • They want to expand the new business
  • There is a limitaion on business with only his/herself connections


– not Positive Reasons

  • Not all the team members are trusted
  • It is a lot of trouble to share
  • There is no reason to share the contacts



There were those replies.


Is is very simple reason that they want to share the contacts because they want to improve their business efficiency.

On the other hand, it is also true that to take the merit they feel some issues as risk about lack of trust for team members, troublesome work and so forth.


If you estimate the merit of contact sharing, let’s feel the secured, simple contact management and sharing service.

You can experience to discover new business or overwhelming business efficiency.

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