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A Low-key but Deeply Rewarding 2021 Chinese New Year in Singapore

We knew things wouldn’t be “normal” this year, but that didn’t dampen our spirits at Sansan Global in Singapore. Not at all.

The Lunar New Year festivities always present great opportunities to deepen connections with our customers and the local business community. Respecting social distance regulations, we were still able to do that.

The number “8” is special for us at Sansan. Besides being auspicious, it also signifies unbreakable bonds, continuous business, and ever-present hope.

With this in our minds and hearts, we set out on customer visit. We brought 8-packet gifts of tightly knit premium Japanese rice to symbolize our vow to bring closer interpersonal relationships, luck, and prosperity.

Sansan Global’s Regional CEO Edward Senju dropped by to visit Dylan Terntzer, co-founder & CEO of SuperSteam, one of our most valued customers.

Drinking fine pu’erh tea, both business leaders had the chance to catch up and delve deeper into how both SuperSteam and Sansan have grown from one strength to another strength.

We’ve both found silver linings amid the current situation.

There are huge similarities in the progressive mindsets of both companies – particularly the passion to use technology in creating immense value to respective markets amidst the on-going pandemic.

Lionsbot is SuperSteam’s latest brainchild, a manufacturer of 100% made-in-Singapore cleaning robots, designed to ease human-intensive cleaning workforce with efficient technologies.

Sansan has taken great pride in the launch of our Virtual Cards last year, allowing our customers to connect with mass online audiences, manage contacts to unprecedented levels of productivity, and unlock their hidden revenue-generating potential.

We’re always pleased beyond measure to see one of our key customers succeed along with us, through using Sansan as part of their digital transformation strategy!

With a new year comes the opportunity to forge stronger connections for better times ahead. We wish everyone many Bountiful Returns, Good Health, and Continued Resilience in the New Year of the Ox!

Learn more about Sansan’s features and how we can help your adjustment to cooperative work, internal referrals, and digital transformation.

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