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Your Partner in Digitalized
Business Infrastructure

Founded in 2007, Sansan builds award-winning, cloud-based software to help some of the world’s largest organisations manage their contacts.

Sansan created, and remains the leader in the contact management system market

More than 7,000 Sansan clients globally are delighted daily

A winner of the Singapore Business Review Technology Excellence Awards 2020

Your Single Source of Truth

Digitize and unify contact information from company-wide systems and fragmented data sources to build the most accurate, secure, and up-to-date centralized database.

Supercharge Your
Company Network

Attain full oversight of your company-wide network and understand meaningful connections to key business stakeholders.

Effective Remote Work
& Collaboration

Develop collective team insights for more effective collaboration and make sustainable productivity a reality in hybrid business environments.

Turning Encounters into Innovation

Using Sansan, firms can digitally transform the way they do business using their existing connections to generate hidden opportunities and enhance team productivity.

Integrate Across
Company-wide Systems

Centralise all digital and physical business contact information in Sansan and sync them across your CRM, tools and platforms for your entire organisation.

Connect better, anywhere

Ever wondered how your company can build actionable contacts in hybrid business environments? Sansan Virtual Cards let your teams connect to what matters.

Sansan solutions transform workplaces,
and we love to explain how.