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Zero Paper Invoices.
Total Productivity.

Transform your analog processes into digital workflows.
Bill One digitizes and centralizes your invoices for you.

Welcome to Bill One – Simplified Invoice Management Hub

Dealing with multiple invoice formats, improper storage and even loss of physical invoices are common sources of inefficiencies faced by backend support teams.

With Bill One, we help you digitize and centralize all of your paper and PDF invoices – transforming manual processes to paperless workflows that are fast, accurate and secure. All ready to play nice with your existing accounting software.

The Big Invoice Gap

We surveyed 400 Singapore accounting and finance professionals about invoice management. Click here to learn what we found…

The findings might surprise you!


Need to physically go to the office to process invoices


Receive half their invoices on paper


Don’t have a proper workflow

Simplify your invoice process

Bill One takes the load and stress of receiving and processing invoices off your teams.

Bid farewell to paper invoices or clumsy PDFs.






Achieve Paperless Productivity with

Achieve Paperless Productivity with

Bill One lets department stakeholders involved in the invoice management process work on the digital source right from the start, saving precious time and effort across the company.

Why Bill One?

Paperless workflows from the start

Bill One takes the load and stress of receiving and processing invoices off your finance team.

Bill One receives and digitizes invoices in the cloud

Bill One receives all invoices on your company’s behalf, digitizing them with 99.9% accuracy and centralizing data from different invoice formats and sources.

Restructure paper-based workflows

Empower your teams to do more high-value tasks through customized workflows and automated notifications. All optimized for your company’s internal processes.

Always-ready data for rich analytics and stress-free audits

Digitized invoice data means a wealth of information to take your team’s decision-making to the next level.

Capture key data points from all invoice sources

Bill One helps your teams capture customizable key data fields from invoices, export them through CSV files, or feed them into other finance solutions for deeper analytics and insights. Direct integration is also available for popular solutions such as SAP Concur.

Always-ready data accuracy

Instead of outdated information residing in disparate silos, your data is always represented via a most accurate and updated Single Source of Truth in Bill One. It’s ready to be retrieved for detailed tracking, analysis, or auditing.

Strengthen corporate governance

The time-sensitive nature of invoice-processing makes companies vulnerable to corporate accounts payable scams. Even more so as teams work remotely.

Strengthen internal controls through a fully digital accounts payable process

With Bill One, finance teams can leverage compliance and strengthen internal controls. They’ll boost their invoice response rate without compromising on internal governance, such as in flagging suspicious cash-outs with key checkpoints in place.

Companies across various industries are already using Bill One to simplify invoice processes and foster stronger vendor relationships.

Let Bill One help yours.

Bill One FAQs

When you say that Bill One digitizes invoices for companies, what does it really mean?

It means Bill One does exactly that, literally. Unlike other digital invoice solutions where employees still need to scan physical invoices themselves, Bill One relieves companies of this time-consuming task – receiving and digitizing invoices on their behalf with best-in-class 99.9% accuracy. Bill One users enjoy a fully streamlined and digital Accounts Payable (AP) process, together with inherent benefits such as precious man-hours saved, the most accurate and updated transactional data, accessible from anywhere your teams choose to work. Reach out to us to see Bill One in action!

I already have an ERP system/s in place. How does Bill One fit in?

Bill One is designed from the ground up to work well with any existing ERP system. Contact our team to learn how Bill One can integrate into your current systems.

My company has many stakeholders (including vendors) involved in the accounts payable process. Would the cost for Bill One also increase as a result?

No. We’re pleased to announce that every Bill One plan can accommodate an unlimited number of users and vendors with no associated increase in cost. The costs for Bill One plans are based mainly on the volume of received invoices. Contact us to learn more.

Other than invoices, our Accounts Payable (AP) process involves a lot of supporting documents. Will they be digitized or stored in Bill One too?

Yes, Bill One is meant to capture transactional data in a holistic manner. As such, all information associated with invoices, such as supporting documents will be digitized, so your teams can have a comprehensive understanding to facilitate efficient Accounts Payable (AP) workflows.